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Moment of Truth: An Original Limited Series

About The Project

The team behind "Moment of Truth" consists of Joe Perez-Caputo, Adriana Nocco, and Tim Stainrod. We seek to use the medium of our art to explore the pandemic’s effects on mental health, relationships, and careers, all while employing artists who have felt a particularly grievous loss of income and opportunity. We are currently fundraising to make the first installment of the "Moment of Truth" series a reality. 


"Moment of Truth" (The Limited Series) was written by  Joe Caputo, Tim Stainrod, Adriana Nocco, and Emma Grace Waters, four members of the entertainment community who have been greatly affected by the industry wide shutdowns. The initial idea to write this limited series of short films became a weekly Zoom writers' room, which became a screenplay. 

The project logline is as follows: Four individuals reexamine their authentic selves, interpersonal relationships, and priorities in a myriad of ways as they cope with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and each must decide what is worth holding onto, and what must be let go of...

THE FIRST INSTALLMENT OF THE SERIES, the one we are striving to make first, is entitled "The Martial Artist." A forlorn martial artist fights for his will to live and against the forces of depression as his world and means of coping are whittled to the bone by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are raising funds to cover essential production costs that the making of “The Martial Artist” would entail, and we need your help!

With some of the money we've raised thus far, we were able to book a proof-of-concept photo shoot, and have been able to use the photos to promote the project and to aid the pitch deck we have put together to present to a potential director. The below proof-of-concept photos for "The Martial Artist" were taken by Isaiah Tanenbaum ( The "Moment of Truth" collage that appears at the bottom of the page was also made by Isaiah Tanenbaum, and features more proof-of-concept photos.













-Employ a talented and diverse team of cast and crew to make "The Martial Artist" a reality
-Create a piece of work that many people can relate to, one that will also launch the "Moment of Truth" project as a whole and thus lead to the financing and making of its three other installments
-Safely put artists back where they want to be: on set!


The money you donate will go directly to the following staffing costs: Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Colorist, Boom Operator, Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Camera Crew, and On-Camera Talent. This piece requires top notch visual effects, and we especially want to ensure that we have the right funds to hire the top notch talent to execute them in post-production.


We intend to apply for, and follow all established rules of, a SAG-AFTRA Small Budget Web Series Contract.

This web series will also function as a pre-viz, potentially leading to future opportunities for work and creative output where we could continually employ artists on a normal, full-time basis. To give performers work in their field again through this project would be a joy and a privilege. With your help, we can make it happen. 


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