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Founder | Proprietor


Joseph Perez-Caputo is a stage and film actor, martial artist, singer, screenwriter, and playwright. He is a member of the Society of American Fight Directors and Art of Combat and is currently undergoing vigorous training in NYC. 

Producer | Director | Actor

Founder of TS6Films

Tim Stainrod is a jack of all trades collaborator. Up and coming, he has swiftly acquired an ample amount of experience on different sets, working as a Script Supervisor, Production Assistant, Gaffer, and Actor. As an actor, he has done mostly professional background work in NYC, and hones his craft at home in CT as a Director, Producer, and Cinematographer. Currently, Tim is on the writing and production team of an up and coming First Fire original short film series entitled Moment of Truth. Recently, Tim Stainrod also founded TS6 Films.

Actor | Engineer

Chris Browne Valenzuela, a Chilean actor and singer (and engineer, in hard times), is based in New York City, where he graduated from the musical theater conservatory program at Circle in the Square Theatre School, the only professional institute in a Broadway Theater. He has worked in theater in both Chile and the United States, and has a passion for storytelling. Here in the U.S., that passion has taken the form of telling the stories of groups who couldn't tell it themselves, and thus he loves Queer and Latine stories, and the stories of all voices that have been silenced and deserve to be amplified. Chris Browne Valenzuela also helps to Creative Produce (and star) in First Fire Studios' Live Theatrical Productions and Events Program.

Actor | Writer | Singer | Producer | Director | Teacher | Storyteller

Adriana spent quarantine time co-creating/writing/starring in a musical theatre webshow called “Tunesday: A Virtual Cabaret” with Bryelle Burgus and  training under Zina Goldrich. She recently performed in a Circle in the Square children's theatre production of "Aesop's Fables," and also works as a teaching artist for Inside Broadway. Adriana has served as a director as well, having directed productions of Little Shop of Horrors and The Last Five Years at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. She is a Bryn Mawr College Class of 2016 graduate (English Major, Theatre minor), and graduated from the prestigious Circle in the Square Theatre School’s Two Year Professional Musical Theatre Workshop. She is a published writer whose work (such as the article “No One Wants A Pit Musician’s Autograph”) has gone viral on the Internet. She was thrilled to play Allison the "Basket Case" in First Fire's The Second Breakfast Club (reimagining/parody), and is on the writing and production team of an up and coming First Fire original short film series entitled Moment of Truth.

Writer | Wandering Poet

Victor is a writer and a poet currently residing in West Haven, Connecticut. He’s worked on various different projects and shows such as WWE, the Netflix series, “When They See Us”, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and a short film, titled, “A Brothers Light” for Jaigantic Studios that was chosen for Best Drama.  He utilizes film to empathize with the audience, allowing them to experience stories worth connecting to,  knowing how powerful those messages can be. 

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