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Future Projects

Amgrunts: American Schrapnel 

Everyone's war is different, and no one saw it like this. Both in the field and coming home, Vietnam represented a different kind of pain. Meet the Amgrunts: The dual MOS Riflemen and Amphibious Tractor Battallion Marines, and their story as some of the first Marines in Vietnam, and how they struggled to heal while back in a society that couldn't welcome them home.

This feature length film is based on the service record of United States Marine Victor Carroll.

A film

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Looming Death

Who doesn't love a slasher film? First Fire Studios bold take on death and consequences surrounds a group of friends who reconvene for the first time in many years. When they do, they find they're being hunted by a mysterious entity, by a stereotype, AND by one of their own. Three forces converge on a group of highly intelligent people just trying to get by and have a good time. 

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Voices of the People 

A Social Media Roadshow where people from around the country are highlighted, presenting diverse prospsectives, lifestyles, and solutions to the modern discourse. 

Enough with Red and Blue...lets meet the people who live, struggle, die, and overcome while subject to other's policies, and who stand in this life right beside us.

A limited series 

Character and Fitness

A book detailing the logic, strategy, and goals of Joseph Perez-Caputo's "We Will Make You Hear Us" Protest, and breaking down some of the reforms present in the Constitutional Revision.

Currently seeking representation for submission to a traditional publisher.

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In Defense of Reform 

Based on Joseph Perez-Caputo's "We Will Make You Hear Us" Protest, this comedy talk show brings in experts, every day people, and visionaries to talk about what is possible to build in our lifetime. It's time to work hard and stay positive. Your feel good call to personal revolution, mutual aid, and community building practices!

A Series

Gray Coat

A brilliant doctor, a small town with big problems, and a vice grip web of control. This woman has it all, and everyone in the town owes her something. But when Yellowstone blows up and plunges the whole world in darkness, the decision to stay a gangster or become a true physician can no longer be prolonged. Will she be the death of this community, or will she save them all?

A five season series


In the not so distant future, New York City is a ghost town, populated only by those in absolute desperation and those living in absolute excess.

While a group of revolutionaries wages war on the systemic oppression and corruption rampant in New York, one seasoned stuntman wanders his way through the discord desperate to prove to himself and his wife that there is some measure of justice and mercy in this world. 

Is it all worth fighting for? Or is Death a warm hug?

A bleak action-comedy.

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- Live Theatre Wing -

First Fire Studios has plans to produce Live Theatre in the New York City, Bridgeport, CT, and New Haven, CT areas comprising both shows you may know and love as well as entirely new work.

Stay tuned for more information.

Kioko Shinta  -

Poetry books titled - "Lenses and Currents", "Heliotropes", and "The Silly Monk". 

Coming Soon.

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