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First Fire Studios Presents "The Second Breakfast Club" (A Parody)

First Fire's inaugural project, released via Youtube livestream on May 27th 2021, was produced by Adriana Nocco and Joe Perez-Caputo, and directed by Matthew Boyd. We set "The Breakfast Club," a timeless staple of popular culture (written and originally directed by John Hughes), in 2021, amidst the global pandemic. The Criminal, Princess, Athlete, Basket Case, and Brain we all know and love are in Zoom detention this time, confined to different classrooms within Shermer High School, and monitored online by Mr. Vernon, the not-so-friendly assistant principal. We combined Zoom recording and COVID-safe, in-person filming to bring you our updated, modernized, parody version of this classic, about "unmasking" amidst preconceived notions and a pandemic intensifying feelings of isolation. This project was made solely for entertainment purposes and to draw attention to both First Fire and the original film; First Fire did not benefit financially whatsoever from the creation of this project.

First Fire is all about creating opportunities for artists where they might be lacking. We were thrilled to be able to grant theatre artists the opportunity to do what they love amidst a pandemic that has been hard on the entertainment industry, but particularly on theatre artists. Check out the cast and crew of "The Second Breakfast Club" below, and to find out more about them and the project itself, visit our Instagram page, @first_fire_studios!


  • The Second Breakfast Club

Meet The Club

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